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Gamers and developers of all skill levels are invited to participate in our 48-hour Game Jam! We will divide participants into teams and provide a theme starting Friday, Sept.21st at 6 pm in the BAC’s One-Stop.

The weekend before the main events of DigiFest, the BAC hosts a Game Jam in which students team up with industry professionals to produce playable computer games over the course of 48 hours. Those who participate in this free event will be grouped by skill set and skill level to form teams. After being given a theme, each team is tasked with building a playable video game from scratch in 48 hours!

During this event, students get the opportunity to look beyond their graduation date to see what’s possible on the other side. In addition to having a blast, they gain skills, insight, and experience with the latest in computer technology.

The games developed during the Game Jam will be playable on the show floor at the DigiExpo!

Participating developers, coders, and artists get the opportunity to share their knowledge with the next generation while re-living the inspiration that propelled them down their career path.

We encourage you to bring your own computer – the tools that we’re providing will be limited to what’s freely available on the internet.

To learn more about the GameJam, email or call 318-741-8310